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George Brown is an Internet marketer who came up with an excellent course on starting and building an online business from scratch. This course is better known as Google Sniper. Google Sniper has helped probably more people find their way in the world of Internet marketing than any other such course that is ever been developed. Though George Brown is a very young man he is very well known in the field of Internet marketing and is regarded by many as the most knowledgeable source of information on building an Internet business.

Young Mr. Brown has had other products he has released prior to Google Sniper. Most of these products have been successful to one degree or another. However, Google Sniper has taken the Internet world by storm. It has become the de facto way of doing business for those of us who partake in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing where a person sells products for another person. The seller of the products is a sort of an online salesman. The way he goes about selling products is he builds websites that makes these products available to customers. The website is responsible for introducing people to the product and telling them exactly what the product does and what it is used for and how it can be helpful for the end-user.

Affiliate marketers are business owners simply because they are doing the business of selling products other people own. Many times these products other people own are digital products. Those of you who have ever done shopping online will know a digital product is one that can be downloaded over the Internet. Therefore digital products, unlike physical products, don’t need to be shipped.

Not all affiliate products are digital. A case in point is the fact Amazon has an affiliate program. We all know Amazon sells many physical products, such as hardcover books, jewelry and clothing. This means that an affiliate marketer has a great variety of products he or she can choose to sell. Of course, it is beneficial for an online marketer to be selling affiliate products he or she is familiar with. Not only is it easier to sell something you know all about than it is to sell something you know nothing about, but it also keeps you honest and allows you to gain a better reputation than you would if you were making stuff up all the time.

The bottom line is; anyone who is unsure how to start an affiliate marketing business would gain a wealth of information by studying George Brown’s Google Sniper course. In fact, in my opinion, because of the essential knowledge it teaches upstart online business owners, studying Google Sniper is the absolute best way to start.

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